Plastic fans
Plastic fans

Plastic fans

SERIES Plastic fans

Product description

The fans of this series are suitable for sucking even dusty air and they are mainly used when it is necessary to convoy fluids containing acid fumes, in salty and/or moist environment and in general when it is requested to convoy corrosive air with low pressure. In standard execution, the temperature of the sucked fluid must not exceed 70°C.

Technical details

Operating range

Pt = 10 - 170 mm. H2O - Q = 300 - 6.700 mc/h


The fans of this series are equipped with three-phase asynchronous electric motors according to UNEL-MEC standards coupled directly or by transmission to the impeller. They can be built with clockwise (RD) or anticlockwise (LG) rotation and they can be oriented from 45° to 45°. On request single-phase electric motors till size 90 can be supplied.

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